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My Hostgator Review

HostGator’s History

Brent Oxley

Brent Oxley

HostGator is a web hosting company that are now based in Houston, Texas. It came into being in 2002 through Brent Oxley who was then a student at Florida Atlantic University. With time, as it grew, it moved to Austin, Texas.

As with most businesses, the first few years in operation were what might be described as  challenging for the company which was as yet to establish itself as a major player in the heavily competitive web hosting market.

By 2006, HostGator had gained some considerable momentum by passing the 200,000 mark in registered domains. Inc. Magazine when ranking the fastest growing companies in 2008 featured HostGator at number 21 in the United States and number 1 in Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, Texas. This was a major achievement bearing in mind that the company was barely 6 years old.

Adoption of Green Hosting

Wind Energy

Wind Farm

In response to the clamour and increased public awareness and campaigns for green energy, HostGator adopted green hosting technology in 2008.

This was a major stride in ensuring eco friendly hosting services. HostGator achieved considerable success with green hosting technology by working with Integrated Eco-System Market services. This involved the use of renewable energy in powering its server operations.

The Sale of HostGator to Endurance International Group (EIG)

The CEO and founder Brent Oxley announced that HostGator was going to be sold to EIG in 2012. This was to give him time off as he wanted to spend more time on his personal affairs. The move was also to give room for EIG to sort out the registrar and billing issues that faced HostGator.

The entrance of HostGator into the fold of EIG increased the portfolio of hosting companies under EIG. Formerly called Bizland, EIG is one of the largest web hosting companies in the world. It is located in Burlington Massachusetts and it began trading in 1996 and at the moment manages over 2.9 million customers and more than 10 million domains.

My Experience with HostGator

I came to learn of HostGator following some frustrations I’d had with my previous web host.  I was tired of the delays and inconveniences with their service and I was looking for a hosting supplier which would give my site great uptime and a speedy response – We’ve all seen those articles telling us web users prefer a faster site.

Because I run a web based business, the first priority that I have is to ensure that my site is accessible and making the most of fantastic uptime. Ever since I migrated my site to HostGator, I have not regretted the decision and in fact I have reasons to support that.

Free Migration from my Old Server

headacheThe first headache I had when the reality hit me that I had to migrate to a new server, was the fact that I had to move my entire site from my old server to the new server.  To anybody who know what this means, it can be an expensive and an especially arduous task. Some web hosting companies will charge you to migrate your site to their servers and even then it isn’t easy…

HostGator were different. They gave me professional assistance without me even paying a single cent. All I did was to contact the “HostGator Live Support” through their online live chat service and I was connected to the technical team. They then quickly moved my site and within 10 to 12 hours, I was up and running on the new server where my clients could also access my site without any hitches at all.

Disaster Responsiveness

Running an on-line business I have considerable experience on what bad service can do especially in the case of a hosting disaster. The fact is not that HostGator do not experience hitches, but the impressive thing is that immediately following such issues, the technical team responds with nothing more than total urgency.

The Only Time They Let Me Down

When I was migrating to HostGator just like any other new client, I had only the minimal information about their plans and the benefits attached to them.  I went through the Hatchling Plan, Baby plan and Business Plan analysing the features and benefits. I finally settled on the Baby Plan and paid off my annual subscription in one go. There were some benefits that were attached to this plan such as $100 free of Adwords and a Toll free number.

What I didn’t know was that the coupon code associated with the Adwords was only applicable for residents of the US and Canada (At the time I was living in the UK!). I did feel slightly let down to some degree because they ought to have notified me in advance before I made the purchase.

But in saying that, it wasn’t the main reason why I signed up with HostGator and once I’d remembered this it didn’t seem to matter anymore.

HostGator’s Best Shared Hosting Features

HostGator offers a number of services including dedicated servers, reseller, VPS and shared services. Each of these has its own features and benefits that it offers to the users. Shared hosting is by far the most popular and accounts for a huge percentage of the total domains hosted on HostGator’s platform.

Hostgator have some exciting features that come with their shared hosting. They are categorized as follows:

1. Web Hosting Features

HostGator has some of the most exciting web hosting facilities. First and foremost, they give you unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This is helpful if you are running a site that had huge traffic and lots of files to upload and also means you’ll never have to pay “overage fees” that some web hosts like to charge.

The control panel is also easy to use giving you an excellent platform to customize your site and put you in total control. In addition to the unlimited email accounts, HostGator guarantee users 99.99% uptime which means your site will always be available.

2. Web Hosting Plans Freebies

There are certain components that come free regardless of the web hosting plan that you choose. These freebies are aimed at enhancing your site experience both to the external and internal users. Some of the freebies include BaseKit SiteBuilder which enables you to professionally design your site.

There are also lots of free website templates (about 4,500 of them). This is in addition to free website transfer, script transfer, domain transfer and MYSQL transfer.

3. Control Panel Features
Hostgator cPanel

Hostgator cPanel

Shared webhosting gives you the opportunity to control the tweaking of your own site through an easy to use control panel. The latest cPanel comes with website statistics such as Error Logs, Raw Log manager, Referrer, Webalizer and AWStats. The panel also comes along with instant installs of various shopping carts, Counters, Form mail, Blogs, portals and Forums.  Being able to install which type of site you want to host is so easy.  In fact you can sign up with Hostgator and have a live blog based on the popular WordPress blogging platform (what this site uses!), literally within minutes.

4. Database and Programming Features

The array of database & programming features that come with shared hosting are great. Features such as unlimited MYSQL Databases, programming languages, programming modules and front page extensions are very helpful. Working with languages such as Ruby on Rails is very exciting because they represent the latest languages that enhance programming and user experience. All of my work is with PHP and the Code Igniter framework, both of which work.

5. Elaborate Email Features

Being the centre of communication and information interchange, HostGator ensures that their email system includes lots of features to help in facilitating information flow. It offers unlimited POP3 email accounts, Webmail Access and the capability to receive your emails direct into your phone. This is made possible by the IMAP support.

In case you are tired with spam emails and want to get rid of them, the shared hosting service avails the SpamAssassin which does exactly that; to bar span from crowding your inbox. For those out of office and in vacations, email responders can do just fine. Email aliases, mail lists and mail forwards are just some of the email features that you will find quite helpful.

6. Specialized Support

Unlike other web hosting companies, HostGator gives its shared hosting clients 24/7 specialised support to handle any of their issues. Through phone, live chat and email ticketing system, requests can be lodged with the customer support. There is also server monitoring which happens round the clock and this helps in preventing down time by reporting about any crashes or technical hitches.

Every week, there is an automatic off-site data backup that ensures that your site information is safe. This is critical because in case of a a major issue, you can always have your site backed up and safe in a safe locations. In addition to the online live support, there are video tutorials, help articles and a vibrant HostGator community forum.

7. Network Security & Speed
Hostgator network security

Hostgator network security

Shared hosting comes equipped with Gigabit uplink that has a guaranteed 20mbit connection. There are multiple layers of network security which ensures that your site is safe from any external malicious attacks. This is vital especially in ecommerce websites where monetary transactions take place through the site. The network platform also has a full redundant network which becomes available in case the others fail. More importantly, this network has no single point of failure.

HostGator has multiple bandwidth providers which means is that as a shared webhosting client, you will enjoy lots of bandwidth that is reliable and safe for you to upload your files and other vital information and your site should always be available.

Why You Should Consider HostGator

In addition to the numerous features that you will enjoy as a result of subscribing to HostGator, there are other benefits that you will also enjoy. HostGator has various hosting plans that you are able to move between as your site grows, plus the constant updates that are made to the various HostGator systems guarantee you an excellent web experience.

Whether you are selling on the web or just giving information to web traffic, HostGator will ensure that your site stands out. The technical teams are working 24/7 to ensure that your website does not experience hitches which may undermine your business revenue.

If you do not know how to professionally build a website, HostGator have an easy to use site builder that will ensure you have a great looking site up and running in minutes.

It is very important to note that site security and overall functionality is a function of both your activities and the web hosting company. You need to direct the way you want your site to be and HostGator gives you that opportunity through its flexible features such as the cPanel.

The more than 12 years HostGator has been in operation is enough of a guarantee that it has served many needs and dealt with complex cases that have worked towards improving their features.

This, to me makes them reliable and credible and why I’d happily recommend them as a web host.

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